center, connect & create

heartwisdom is about

centering, connecting & creating



Centering brings you home to yourself.  Center with mindfulness, meditation or mandala-making.

Connecting calls you into relationship with all parts of yourself and with all of life.  Connect through art-journaling, individual counseling, by joining a group, or by attending a class or retreat experience.

Creating opens possibilities for responses to the experiences of your life. Create with curiosity and wonder as questions, observations, responses and needs whisper invitations into your days.


Come and explore with Jean Lauer at her Winona studio.

Discover the call of life’s purpose, growing edges of challenge and change, and the catalysts for creativity in life’s invitations.

Invite the presence of “heartwisdom” to shine a guiding light along the way.

Revive the body with the energy and flow of life’s vitality, renew the soul with vibrant heart’s desires, and reveal a spirit expressing all that you are.


About Jean Lauer, founder of Heartwisdom Center

Jean is a spiritual coach, teacher, artist, and facilitator.

She offers classes, groups, individual counseling and spiritual practices for healing, renewal and growth.

Dream work, soul circles and creative arts encourage self-awareness, resilience and transformation.


Mandala by Jean Lauer:  Cosmic Tree of Life