Shining the Light

I am going to slow down today, take a breath and let something flow out of my heart onto this page.

I am sitting with an awareness today around how much I enjoy celebrating the beauty and gifts of others.  It is easy for me to promote another person or an idea, to shine light on another’s truth, beauty and goodness.

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Celebrating Kindred Spirits

Monday and gray. Gray days do not shout out with joy for me. I prefer the shining of the sun and I celebrate “shining” in many people I meet. I love connecting with people who shine.

Last week, I met with several people who love to tell stories.  I celebrate each of them as “kindred spirits.”  I honor and support the “compassionate consciousness” of their initiatives because I believe they are significant, profound and creative ways of engaging the human soul in this journey of “being human.”

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heartwisdom, a seed of God

“A seed of God grows into God”

– Meister Eckhart

I’ve always loved this Eckhart quote. Contemplating on it led to the creation of this mandala, which was a gift for a friend who loved trees, a priest celebrating his 25th anniversary.

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Free the Eagle

“Jeanie, what would you do if you found an eagle in the closet?” These words were a gift to me out of a twilight dream, heard audibly enough to wake me into imagining my response[…]

Vessels of Light, Love & Life

a favorite blue chalice/goblet received as a gift from my husband. Created by Marjorie King, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

I celebrate the human spirit as a vessel for bringing Light, Love and Life into the relationships of our being, belonging and becoming. This inspires the work of heartwisdom as that which supports all that nourishes the vessel in both the receiving and the pouring forth of our relating.

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