Many years ago, I read a book by Matthew Fox and came upon one of those statements that somehow defined my life.  I would call it a recognition of the deepest value and perhaps, the calling for my life.  Here it is:

“The task of the artist is to excite human beings to reverence all that is precious and meaningful in life.”

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You Are Loved

Yesterday as my husband and I were returning from a lovely weekend getaway at Lake Superior, we stopped for a bite to eat in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  As we were leaving, I saw a person standing at a busy intersection, where stoplights and traffic meet, holding a large sign.  On it was printed the words, “YOU ARE LOVED.”  I gestured a thumbs up to the holder of the sign as we passed by, but apparently he did not see me as he did not nod or smile.  I felt delighted to see this sign, this person, and this reminder for anyone passing by.

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Picture of the North Shore

Is My Heart Open to Connection with You?

For the past four years, I have been learning about and practicing Marshall Rosenberg’s “Nonviolent Communication.”   The compassionate way of communication that Marshall teaches offers very specific methods for the flow of the communication.  Before we enter into the practice of the methods, Marshall reminds us that, “the mechanics have power only when they’re used in the service of the spiritual purpose of the process, which is to create a connection so people can respond out of divine energy, the joy of compassion, the joy of giving.  If we do not have that intentionality,  we’ve missed the whole thing.” (from his book, “Speak Peace in A World of Conflict“).

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Compassion as Intention

What is compassion?

The Latin etymology for this word combines com (meaning with or together) + pati (meaning to suffer).  The word compassion suggests that it is about suffering that is shared.  Compassion implies community in this notion of being with, rather than apart.

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