Celebrating Kindred Spirits

The_Forgiveness_Project_Logo_188CMonday and gray. Gray days do not shout out with joy for me. I prefer the shining of the sun and I celebrate “shining” in many people I meet. I love connecting with people who shine.

Last week, I met with several people who love to tell stories.  I celebrate each of them as “kindred spirits.”  I honor and support the “compassionate consciousness” of their initiatives because I believe they are significant, profound and creative ways of engaging the human soul in this journey of “being human.”

One thing I am sure about…each of us has stories to tell…important stories that touch and heal, transform and reveal the journeys of our souls and sometimes, the beauty of our fledgling spirits…

Thank you to Louisa Hext, the USA distributor of The Forgiveness Project exhibition, who has a passion for sharing stories and their tellers with others. I am deeply moved by the beautiful spirit that the movement toward forgiveness invites each and every one of us to consider…


Thank you to Barb Kobe, artist, educator and creative woman, soon to be an author, too…

Your “healing dolls” and the way they touch and transform the people who create them, as well as each of us who gazes upon them opens the portal of “compassionate consciousness” in very beautiful, delightful, playful and yet deeply healing ways for those who choose the path of creativity to meet themselves and to discover their wholeness through the encounter with all of our parts, particularly, the shadows (both light and dark) that call us home. Looking forward to the book you are writing to share your stories with all of us!  (Doll by Barb Kobe is entitled, Prayer for the Earth)prayer-for-the-earth_small






Thank you to Dean Seal, the artistic director of Spirit in the House and organizer of the Forgiveness 360 events that took place last fall at Concordia and will be coming around again in November with a new line up of events focusing on theater, storytelling, interviews, circles and conversations about forgiveness…



Thank you to Burt Berlowe, co-author and editor of The Compassionate Rebel and The Compassionate Rebel Revolution and his fellow author/collaborator Rebecca Janke. The stories of ordinary people who are “energized by anger and motivated by love” inspire and invite me to trust in what’s most alive in my heart and to let it lead me to life…



Heartwisdom is calling me to listen to stories and encourage others to listen and to tell, to share and to express creatively, to heal and transform through the telling, sharing and creative expressions of the heart’s wisdom, yearning to reveal the beauty of the human spirit facing the journeys of the human soul in this lovely life we call “being human.”

I celebrate kindred souls for their enthusiasm and exuberance, as it lights the path for others to discover.

Thank you!!!

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