Free the Eagle

Photo by jean lauer<br /><figcaption class=Taken at Villa Maria Center in Frontenac, MN

“Jeanie, what would you do if you found an eagle in the closet?”

These words were a gift to me out of a twilight dream, heard audibly enough to wake me into imagining my response rushing down the hallway to open the door and release the eagle from being held captive or closed away from being exactly what it is supposed to be.

The eagle has always been a symbol of spirit, vision and power calling me to know and to act from the brightest within myself, as well as to see and respond to it in others.

The eagle is a symbol for the author of the gospel of John, who shares with us the wonderful “I am” statements from Jesus.

Those statements invite each of us to know who we are and to recognize that only you can say, “I am.” Nobody else can speak those words in reference to you, but you.

Reflecting on the eagle and on the words of that day, I am invited to liberate anything within me that has been held captive and to invite my true nature to be revealed.

The photo is one I took of an eagle on a nest near Villa Maria Retreat Center in Frontenac, MN, taken in 2008. The same eagle family returns each year as new babies are welcomed into life.

Contemplate this: What part or parts of you are not free to soar? Are you being held captive or enclosed in a place that is not supportive of your true nature? What might you do to liberate yourself?

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