heartwisdom, a seed of God


“A seed of God grows into God”

– Meister Eckhart

I’ve always loved this Eckhart quote. Contemplating on it led to the creation of this mandala, which was a gift for a friend who loved trees, a priest celebrating his 25th anniversary.

I had this posted in my facebook photos and forgot it was there. Then, a new friend, Jonathan, commented on it. Jonathan and I have been exploring what “heartwisdom” is together.

I found it interesting to rediscover it, since I am also embarking upon an exploration of the Tree of Life in 2013.

“heartwisdom” is about Life as it is lived out in each of us, with a spark of the divine abiding within our heart to guide our growth, to nourish our life, to be present to the heart of every relationship. “HeartWisdom” is what I call the guide or spiritual director that one is choosing to be in relationship with to discern choices from the best possible space that we are able to.

In my work with you, I trust heartwisdom to be present. Although you may call it something else, it is the imprint of a spiritual Light, Love and Life that is eternally present within you and it balances and unites the polarities of heaven and earth, light and dark, spirit and matter in the very essence of your heart. It is a resource planted within you by the Source of All That Is, a seed from the sacred Tree of Life calling you to reflect the emanating qualities eternally radiating through its never-ending presence.

May your heartwisdom be the home
to which you always return
when you feel lost, alone, confused or forgotten.
May your heartwisdom be
the source of your living, loving and learning.
May your heartwisdom be remembered
in the being, belonging and becoming of you.
May your heartwisdom carry you
from moment to moment through
every season of your body, soul and spirit.
May the seed of God within you
nourish and support your thoughts, feelings, and deeds.

– jean lauer

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