Shining the Light


I am going to slow down today, take a breath and let something flow out of my heart onto this page.

I am sitting with an awareness today around how much I enjoy celebrating the beauty and gifts of others.  It is easy for me to promote another person or an idea, to shine light on another’s truth, beauty and goodness.

To shine light upon myself feels awkward and uncomfortable.

My heart yearns for the light that opens my joys and pours them out.

Can it come from within me, does it come from beyond my little self or does it reflect both internal and external raying of the light, radiating forth from the center and yet reaching out and touching the other in the warmth it radiates?

As I write the words “little self, ” I am reminded of a song that I enjoy listening to, which expresses the depth of longing.  It is called “Little Person” from the movie “Synecdoche, New York.”  Here is a video play of it:

I recognize as I enter into the feeling in my experience of “little self,” I am connecting with something both within and beyond me.

Perhaps shining is not an independent thing, but one that involves relationship, relatedness, interdependence.