You Are Loved

Yesterday as my husband and I were returning from a lovely weekend getaway at Lake Superior, we stopped for a bite to eat in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  As we were leaving, I saw a person standing at a busy intersection, where stoplights and traffic meet, holding a large sign.  On it was printed the words, “YOU ARE LOVED.”  I gestured a thumbs up to the holder of the sign as we passed by, but apparently he did not see me as he did not nod or smile.  I felt delighted to see this sign, this person, and this reminder for anyone passing by.

How is it that you or I know that we are loved?

What might this message evoke in you when you see or hear it?

Are you in need of this reminder or do you already know?

I want to thank the person who was holding up that sign on a hot summer day with this significant remembering.  I know that I sometimes forget.  How about you?

Why is it that you or I forget?  What is it that gets in the way of remembering that we are loved?

I forget when I experience separateness.  I remember when I experience relatedness and inter-being with all of life.

When I am beating myself up for doing something wrong, I might not remember that I am loved. Instead, I have cut off a part of me from the rest of me.  I created a separation.  If I am judging you for excluding me from some opportunity, I may not be experiencing any love between us because I have forgotten that there are many more possibilities beyond this one, and instead, have focused on only one part, separating myself from the rest.  Maybe I am angry or feel betrayed because something that formerly worked is now broken or discarded.  Perhaps I have lost my health and well-being because I am encountering a weakness or illness or disease.  Separation from some part of myself and separation from you or anyone else frequently leads to a sense of lack, an awareness of something missing within me or between us, and of a forgetfulness of whatever it is that can and does hold the parts together as a whole.

Is it love that holds the parts together as a whole?  

Seeing a person holding up a sign saying “You are Loved,” I am reminded of both the whole and of the parts, the need for love and the joys of loving and being loved.  Thanks to the unknown yet connected part who reminded me of the power of love to connect all the parts together.



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